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Welcome to the refreshed Foundation Degree Course Search. Over the coming months we will continue to update the functionality to further improve the user experience. Within this section you will find a few useful tips to help you get the best out of your Foundation Degree Search. We would welcome any comments and feedback so if you have any please email

To build a search select an item from the lists on the left hand side, ctrl and click to select multiple items from a list.

  • Click on to add selected items to the right hand selection boxes.
  • Highlight and click to remove selected items.

As you build your criteria the number of courses available to view can be seen in the top right. This is dynamically updated as you choose / remove criteria without having to run a search. This is aimed at making the search more user friendly and helping you to avoid running searches that will not return results. It will also help you to refine your selection so as not to return many hundreds of courses to work through.

You can choose as many or as few criteria as you like, one thing you can’t do is to select from the institution AND region boxes – It has to be one or the other.

All courses on the database are categorised using a subject heading, you can either scroll through the list or start to type i.e. bus which will jump you to business studies.

Institutions are alphabetically listed; you can jump to sections of the list by starting to type. Courses are held on the database at the institution at which they are taught.

Once you have built your selected search options click on , this will return a list of institutions that run courses that match your criteria.

  1. Where an institution has no UCAS code reference the course may be franchised from another institution.
  2. Course Title and Course UCAS code
  3. Institution Name and Institution UCAS code
  4. Course Title

You can click on the Institution Name and view basic contact details or click on the course title to view information about that course. As a minimum this will include course title, qualification that can be achieved, study mode and duration of the course. Where supplied, this section will also include summary, modules, assessment methods and entry requirement information.

General Navigation

To navigate back to the search criteria from the results lists click on

To get back to the search results list from course or institution information pages, click on .

To clear down your search criteria and start again, click on

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